7 Ways Mobile CRM Is Changing The Game For Field Sales

The advent of technology took the entire business world by storm by shifting the gears of manufacturing, marketing, sales and more. Social media platforms added a dimension of convenience in sales by eliminating the need for developing extensive directories of vendors to be taken into consideration, which can be a tiresome process.

Mobile CRM Solutions

Unlike social media, CRM is a tool that has changed the process of how the sales team of any organization used to function. The tool helps executives anticipate the process more accurately which helps boost the revenue and also increase the possibility of closing more sales. Other ways in which mobile CRM is empowering field sales are as follows:

1. Keep Track of Customer's Information: According to a recent survey, sales representatives spent more than 50% of their time selling at remote places. If these representatives need some information about the place or the customer, they have to literally come back to their home base or rely basically on computing, which would consume a great deal of time. Mobile CRM helps in this situation by giving representatives an option of accessing data from the cloud based network.

2. Increased Productivity: Researches have concluded that companies that embrace a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment, end up having an average increase of $300 per employee. Mobile CRM is a cloud based system that allows employee to access company's essential data on their own devices and this in turn engages sales representatives and enhances their productivity.

3. Automation of Tasks: Many representatives confirm that they are losing a great deal of productivity because they find their jobs unexciting, unchallenging and repetitive. Inputting data and contacting customers take a lot of time and energy and this is one of the reasons for reduction in productivity levels. Mobile CRM helps streamline the entire process by automatically tackling these time-consuming tasks. Now, sales teams have more time to devise new measures that would boost their productivity while the CRM takes care of all other tasks.

4. Support for Business Expansion: Businesses are often stuck in a situation where they are left with an option to embrace the new changes or still work with the old techniques of marketing. Mobile CRM is an adaptive solution that helps entrepreneurs attain a grip on all the latest measures of business expansion and utilize the same in their working strategies.

5. Double The Sales Opportunities: Automation of certain aspects will reduce the time consumed in the entire sales cycle, thereby allowing executives more time to find other prospects that are interested in their products and services. Mobile CRM is a valued tool that acts as a support for sales representatives by making the entire process of sales, hassle free and convenient.

6. Accelerate a Purchase Decision: Sales executives always believe that every second counts when it comes to closing a deal. In such a situation, representatives who have to shuttle between the field and the office to collect the required data and files are at a great disadvantage compared to those who have CRM enabled on their mobile devices. Sales staff can complete the entire sale procedure with the help of a Mobile CRM, without running around for any crucial information.

7. Meeting Customer Expectations: With technology seeping in every circle, gone are the days when customers compromised in terms of delayed turnaround times, delayed response to inquiries etc. Customers know that the market has evolved and will start using new parameters to judge services and the sales force accordingly. This would become a problem for those who are not able to adapt to these changes. CRM will help companies adapt to all the latest trends and solutions on the go.

These are just some of the ways advanced technology can help field sales. It won't be an exaggeration to state that Mobile CRM will leave no stones unturned to make businesses more productive and efficient.

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