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Microsoft helps businesses to develop custom web and desktop applications with its powerful .Net framework. With the complete suite of an industry standard development environment, the .Net framework is a great asset when developing enterprise applications as it has great power to explore the flexibility, scalability and security aspects of an application. Our team consist of experienced, certified and expert .Net developers with varied application development experience in the form of scale, complexity and implementation with offices in Sydney.

  • Support for cross-platform development
  • Unified Core framework for platform-independent development
  • Cloud-optimized mode enables faster development
  • High level of security, reliability, and Interoperability





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    Our .NET Development Services

      • Custom .NET development: We believe that every business is unique in itself and that out of the box solutions aren’t always the right fit. With the .NET development platform we can develop custom solutions and with the ability our to develop rapidly, .NET developers who are experienced across various domains, along with our solution specialists based in Sydney, can quickly discover the possibilities to get the best valued solution applied to your business. Read More
      • .NET migration: Application migration is considered when the current platform does not support the ever changing technology or business requirement. Migrating to the .NET platform ensures future scalability, enhanced security and access to a wide form of resources in the form of the .NET developer community including support from Microsoft. Whether it is VB to VB.NET, ASP to ASP.NET, PHP to ASP.NET or any legacy migration, our partnerships with leading .NET migration tools can make sure that the migration is done perfectly. Read More
      • .NET project consulting: We follow 4 simple steps (Identify, Evaluate, Strategize and Implement) when consulting to ensure the best outcome for projects based on the .NET platform. Due to our 15 + years of .NETdevelopment experience and large team of .NET developers, we have the ability to consult with a vast array of knowledgeon various custom development, integration, migration, predictive analytics, and maintenance and support projects. Based in Sydney, we are easily accessible to customers to understand their business and technology needs and consult with them over the .NET technology platform. Read More
      • .NET architecture and design evaluation: Whether you are looking to integrate two different products from the Microsoft family or a .NET custom application with any other product, our integration services will ensure a smooth integration between the two systems. Our .NET developer team with a complete understanding on product and system architecture will also ensure that the integration is seamless with as little down time as possible. Integration for reporting purposes, content aggregation, real time information, data synchronization and predictive analytics can all be achieved with the Microsoft development environment. Read More
      • .NET eCommerce Development: Planning an Ecommerce development is cumbersome and there will be always a confusion regarding choosing a language. We recommend .NET because it is the most trusted solution for ecommerce due to its ability to provide high security and range. Our .NET ecommerce development is based on the concept of creating an attractive, powerful ecommerce site which perfectly helps to connect with the customers and run safely and securely. Read More
      • ASP.NET MVC development: MVC pattern is considered to be the most appropriate in developing web applications and web services as this development is based on the Model, View, and Controller (MVC) which ensures pattern-based, efficient development. ASP.NET web API is most desirable for creating HTTP services as it reaches to a vast range of clients, i.e., browsers, phones, and tablets. The Beehive offers ASP.NET MVC3, MVC4, and MVC5 development services to create MVC application. If there is a need to create APS.NET MVC application, let us know right away. Read More

    Why The Beehive for .NET development

    The Beehive is a Microsoft certified partner, providing a multitude of services based on custom .NET development. After handling numerous enterprise application development projects, integrations, and legacy application migrations, we continue to work on diverse projects from all major industry verticals. The long-standing .NET application development experience makes us capable of providing custom software solutions for any enterprise IT ecosystem.

      • Dynamic team with 10+ years of .NET experience
      • Custom .NET development
      • Ensures skilled MVC developer
      • ASP. NET website development
      • ASP.NET MVC development
      • MVC/MVP/MVVM/N-Tier structure
      • .NET application performance tuning
      • .NET extensions for other products

    Our Skills in .Net