Internet of Things

Internet of Things is going to play major role in the way businesses are going to operate across all industries in near future. Below are some common examples of how businesses are using IoT to innovate and move ahead of their competitors. 

    • provide better healthcare services by integrating wearables with health monitoring systems
    • better managing factories and facilities by monitoring important data like temperature, humidity, vibrations and more
    • study customer behaviour as they shop to help improve store layouts and increase sales
    • improved experience for customers while travelling

More and more ideas are emerging with our imagination being the only limitation...

Below are some of the industries that we at The Beehive have already improved by utilising IoT technology and developing creative and inspiring solutions.

    • Manufacturing: Manufacturing is now much smarter with the adoption of the Internet of Things, integrating sensors and smart devices which communicate internally to ensure data and reporting is captured and shared from the assembly line all the way through to the shop floor manager who can now see stock availability in real time. Tracking company assets along with their location is saving businesses time and money. Real time reporting for management for things like individual production line performance, inventory and time sheets also helps to reduce cost. From tagging inventory to monitor stock levels to energy management with reporting, the possibilities are endless. Read More
    • Process: Engineering, procurement and commissioning processes which are spread out geographically across the globe are now simplified with Internet of Things technology. Field workers can track inventory tagged with RFID on field and know the status of an item at the warehouses or in transit. Effectively managing asset availability, maintenance and fuel management. Telematics will help communicate information easily across your whole organisation, from vehicle and/or device, directly to the management team located at the office. Preventive analysis based on historical data helps to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and increase profit margins. Read More
    • Healthcare: Consumers are now empowered with smart devices like tablets and wearables enabling them to take care of individual health in a very personalised manner. Treatments can now include personalised monitoring and alerts which are sent directly to a medic in an emergency. Analysis of the data that these devices can capture will help medical staff make better decisions and even help patients become more pro active about their own personal health. People can now track personal health for fitness or even diagnose basic health issues with the use of this technology. Read More
    • Retail: Internet of Things is going to completely change the customer experience while people are shopping. With smart sensors like beacons working across various technologies and mapping customer movement in store, businesses are now able to use this data to make major improvements to their stores. Integrating this with customer loyalty software apps allows companies to send personalised messages to a customer as they are walking through different sections of your shop. You can even activate a video advertisement on a TV when a customer picks up one of your products. As all of this happening, the data is being collected and can be analysed to create more targeted and effective promotions. Reducing operational cost, checkout times and even saving money on printing, businesses are now able to drastically improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Read More

We would love to discuss your requirements over a coffee and discover the possibilities for utilising technology successfully within your business.