Opt for Tailor-Made Solutions for Logistics

Logistics entails identifying the optimal mode of transportation to make sure that the goods go where they need to go. Cargo can range from highly perishable goods, consumer products, raw materials headed for factories, medical waste and more. Taking into consideration issues of cost, time, distance and accessibility in the case of exports or imports, deciding on the logistics means choosing from a combination of multimodal transport.

Research shows that high-performance businesses in the logistics industry, excel at two key things: mastery of standardised processes and integrated IT solutions. This ensures better supply chain process, superior on-time delivery and much more.

Transportation and logistics organisations are undergoing a drastic transformation to address all the new market opportunities impelled by globalisation. Companies are now investing in technology-led business initiatives to meet the constantly evolving demands of the customer and to increase profitability. Operational excellence will become the key driver and technology will help in attaining that competitive edge.

Fleet Management

A transport company that is in the business of moving things from one place to another needs to get the most out of minimal resources i.e.: fuel, staff and vehicles. Whether you have trucks, vehicles or ships, you need to run your fleet in an efficient and cost effective way. This is why a fleet management system is extremely beneficial.

Features of Fleet Management Solutions:

  • Fleet tracking
  • Real time information
  • Fuel usage management
  • Compliance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Fleet and Driver Safety
  • Available on mobile
  • Cloud hosted
  • Available on mobile

Delivery Management for Courier Companies

Courier companies act as the intermediary that deliver packages to specified people or organisations. The demand for good courier services has increased with the rise of e-commerce to deliver a wide variety of products to consumers. As a courier company, you would want to ensure proper service but at an affordable cost. This can be achieved if you have in place an efficient system that aims to increase the end user's satisfaction in getting timely delivery of their couriered package and also mutually benefits e-commerce sites that utilise your courier services.

Features you can get by developing logistics for your courier company from The Beehive:

  • Job Management
  • Job category as per SLA
  • Change order management
  • Reject to sender
  • Authority to leave
  • Map view
  • Digital Signature
  • Incident Reporting
  • OH & S Confirmation
  • Amenities Location
  • Replace Driver and Vehicle

With The Beehive, you can get the logistic system that can help you successfully get the best out of your resources and satisfy your customers.

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