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Today PHP development has become very common in enterprise application development and is on par with other technologies in terms of scalability, security and the advancement of the available platforms. Facebook uses PHP for the front-end of the incredibly complex application so it has been truly tried and tested as a technology. Whether it is a social media application, business process management application, customer relationship management system, website or e-commerce solution, it can all be achieved with PHP. Our team consist's of experienced and expert PHP developers in Sydney with varied application development experience in the form of scale, complexity, implementation and support.





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    Our PHP Development Services

      • Custom PHP application development: PHP has now expanded into many frameworks which reduces overall development time by using the latest technology and architecture. Our expert PHP developer's have experience on platforms like Zend, CakePHP and Code Igniter and The Beehive will consult with your business to ensure that the best framework is used to meet your requirments. Our PHP developers along with our solution specialists who are based in Sydney, can quickly discover the possibilities to get the best valued solution applied to your business. Read More
      • PHP Platform Migration: Migrating to a PHP platform is usually considered when you are looking to reduce licensing cost, convert an existing application into SaaS (Software as a Service) and/or embrace open source technology in your organisation. Migrating to a PHP platform allows an equal amount of scalability, security, adaptability and the ability to handle complex scenarios. Our detailed checklist for migrations as well as our experienced PHP developers, solution consultants and project managers who are located in Sydney, will ensure a succesfuly migration to a PHP platform. Read More
      • PHP Project Consultancy: We follow 4 simple steps (Identify, Evaluate, Strategize and Implement) when consulting to ensure the best outcome for our projects. With our 15 + years of PHP development experience, our large team of PHP developers and solution consultants in Sydney, we have the ability to provide the right advice and ensure that we not only deliver on your requirements, but your journey through the process of application development is enjoyable. Our focus is to understand your business and giude you to use technology to allow your business to grow to the next level. Read More
      • Integration Services: We can provide integration services for seperate systems on the same technology as well as systems on different technologies. If you require integration for reporting purposes, content aggregation and/or data synchronization then we can utlize PHP technology where required to acheive the most seemless and robust integration. Our PHP developers, solution architect and project management team in Sydney have a vast amount of experience in challenging integration projects and know how to deliver without major downtime or cost to your business. Read More


    The Beehive is providing a multitude of services based on PHP and open source technology. After handling numerous enterprise application development projects, integrations, and legacy application migrations, we continue to work on diverse projects from all major industry verticals. Our PHP developers, solution architect and solutions specialists in Sydney are capable of providing some ground breaking enterprise solutions using the PHP technology.

      • Cross platform GUI solutions
      • Custom PHP development
      • Enterprise Application development
      • Website and eCommerce development
      • Cloud Application Development
      • Extending to SaaS solution
      • Product development capabilities
      • Access to our team of PHP Developers, Architects, Designers and Project Managers in Sydney

    Skills on PHP technology

    Recent PHP Projects

    Our team comprising of PHP developers, Architects, Solution Specialists and Project managers in Sydney have recently completed the below projects:

      1. Complex billing system for an electricity distribution company
      2. Transmission and distribution tracking system for an electricity distribution company
      3. Enterprise application for container maintenance services in the freight and shipping industry
      4. Automated home and car loan application platform
      5. Product development of enterprise system for small and medium businesses
      6. And many more...