Field Service Solutions


Our smart mobile applications are devised to meet the challenges faced by active field workers at service location. Our field service solutions use automation approach to provide field workers with the knowledge and information they need to efficiently solve the issues pertaining to client’s service. Thus, field workers experience acceleration and boost in productivity and performance.


Effective field service management is the key objective while dealing with field service solutions and this is possible with real-time insight we provide into all the significant details. The dashboard comes in handy when it comes to configuration, tracking and management of field staff’s information. You can find all the information and real-time updates about call details, available resources and site location on the same page.

  • All the relevant details and updates captured on the same page
  • Field service solution made quicker with one-touch solution
  • Access to latest updates to keep technicians informed


Our application has the automation process that eases the task of dispatching field technicians. With simple and straightforward dispatch, it helps gather all the information about field service technicians based on their geographical location, expertise or preferred customers. Thus, this feature alleviates the complexity and hassle involved in assigning the tasks.

  • Optimize the technicians routes to save on fuel and travel costs
  • Quick services save time spent by managers on dispatching and scheduling
  • View all the information on pending or completed tasks


This flexible feature allows you to manage unexpected events so that you can suggest unplanned changes to the schedule and accommodate real-time situation as and when it arrives. You can decide the priority of work and assign the task based on customer level, urgency, or importance. The best part about Mobile field service apps is that you can control and automate the scheduling and dispatching processes based on parameters of your consideration.

  • Schedule and deliver accurate information to field workers
  • Color coding options that indicate service urgency
  • Improved speed and performance with automated scheduling


The app comes with integrated map that helps technicians locate the service site with accuracy. It also voluntarily suggests optimal routes with reduced distance from destination location to save technician’s travel time and associated cost. Apart from this, the location map also empowers management people to keep track of the service staff to help increase their performance and efficiency.

  • Easy access of integrated app on main page
  • Enables you to locate call sites on the map
  • Helps minimize the travel time and reduce expense


This integral feature allows field service technicians to track and record the time it takes to carry out the assigned task. With that being said, management also stays updated and can keep watch on the amount of time taken by the technician to perform desired services for the client. The billing part is also made easy with handy information on call charges, components used and items serviced.

  • Displays accurate record of technician’s service time
  • Records billing information related to services completed
  • Measures the time taken by technician to evaluate their performance


One of the important aspects of field service work is covered through Work order management feature. It allows your staff to manage the content included in work orders and helps maintain relevant data. It notifies technicians of the requested services and lists all the information about parts needed, priority services, status of the service requested, etc. All the real-time accurate information helps technicians take quick decisions and execute the job promptly.

  • Hands-on information related to service requested
  • Instant notifications of scheduled work order
  • Determine priority of the service request and status of ongoing job


    • Parts

      Parts Lookup

    • Image-Capture

      Image Capture

    • Payment

      Payment and Signature

    • Report

      Report Generation

    • Offline

      Offline Access

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      ERP Integration

Business Benefits

    • Automation


    • Performance

      Performance Management

    • Better-Quality

      Better Quality and Efficiency

    • Enhanced

      Enhanced Security – Role-Based Access

    • Enhanced-Productivity

      Enhanced Productivity & Profitability

    • Improved

      Improved Customer Satisfaction

Business Solutions

Beehive with experience and expertise across various industries and job functions, have developed enterprise mobility solutions to enhance workforce efficiency and productivity to better manage business. Look at our range of solutions listed below.

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