Web Solutions

The world has moved onto the web, and with the adaptability of smartphones and the ability for the internet to reach an individual in various forms and sizes, a business cannot afford to operate without web based solutions. We help businesses stay up to date by implementing various solutions which help our clients achieve greater success.


    • Enterprise Application: Applications which effectively help a business manage functions like sales & marketing, accounts & finance, human resource, operations, inventory, supply chain, are recongnised as enterpise applications. These applications are individually known as CRM (Customer Relationbship Management), inventory management, HRM (Human Resource Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), etc. and when combined together are known as an ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning). Our team is experienced across all of these applications and understand the various challenges related to the implementation of these enterprise solutions. Our detailed initial analysis of 'AS IS' and the target application ensures that these challenges are overcome and a successful implementation is achieved. Read More
    • SaaS Application: Applications developed internally for improving your business can be extended to other businesses in the industry. This can be achieved by extending the current solution to allow subscriptions or re-developing the application with a product development approach and marketing it as a 'software as a service'. Our experience lies in taking in-house applications and converting them into successful 'software as a service' products by developing, implementing & maintaining the platform.
      We also help organisation's implement readymade SaaS based solutions into their business and integrating them with existing applications to reduce software, licensing and hardware related expenses, while improving business processes and efficiency.
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    • Internet and Intranet Portals: Collaboration is the key to success in today’s competitive world. Availability of information to team members working in the field and from the office, document management & sharing, workflow management & access on mobile devices in real time has become very important for succesfull businesses. Our Internet and Intranet portal solutions will help a business collaborate across geographically separated teams, working on the same project to share vital information efficiently and effectively. Integrating these portals with enterprise applications will help reduce data duplication, reduce data input efforts, improve data integrity and real time access to information across departments. Read More
    • Website and eCommerce Portals: Having a web presence is mandatory for all types of business as potential customers now do research over the internet before procuring services or products. These days a website is not just about providing information, but can also engage with your audience and handle other business functions like customer support, marketing & project management. We provide solutions for all type of businesses to establish a web presence and help increase the customer reach by 360-degrees. We work on all of the major CMS and eCommerce platforms to provide these services. Read More


Enterprise applications are the backbone to any business and to ensure that they work well we need to keep them updated with new technology. Our suite of services help organisation's achieve the two most important factors when investing in technology - Revenue Generation & Operations Optimization. Below is the list of services we offer to allow your business to grow by utilizing technology:

    • Cloud based solutions

    • Application development

    • Application integration

    • Application migration

    • Support and maintenance

    • Website and eCommerce



Microsoft .Net

Microsoft has a full suite of technology options for  enterprise  development allowing web and business applications to be created while ensuring security and stability. The most common Microsoft technologies we work with are listed below:

Microsoft Logo
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Open Source – PHP

Open source technology is robust, secure, scalable and a great option enterprise development. The most notable advantage of going open source is the reduced cost of licensing and hosting.  The most common open source technologies we work with are listed below:

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